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Prickapedia is the site you are on now! Most everything you find in Wikipedia will be made fun of Here! Please Register now and become a Prickapedian!

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In the news

Bristol Palin's unborn child is pregnant

Weather Service Issues Hannah Montana warning for the southeastern US

Bears are really, really scary.

John McCain calls for a War on Bears

New guide advises how to help children join gangs

Movie character fails to heed helpful advice

Greenpeace releases new line of Green Pieces

AC/DC's new single sounds too much like their other songs

Barack Obama calls for a return of shows like "Eight is Enough"

Putin accuses America of conducting an illegal Overture in Georgia

Joe Biden has too many hats

Some Asian video game released; Everyone gives rat's ass

God stuns Christians everywhere by rewriting the Bible

New research shows Earth was once full of life

Turtle racing is really damn boring{{Navbox
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